WE do:
  • Build up an engineering architecture of data centers


  • Formulate metrics of design effectiveness with a client on the stage of planning


  • Develop an effective design of a data center on the step of conceptual  projection


  • Manage expectations and construction of a data center on the stage of implementation


  • Produce the infrastructure of modular data centers with a scaling increment from one rack to thousands


  • Create new products in the sphere of distributed alternative power sources


  • Conduct R&D on demand

And we feel passionate about everything we do!

Vladimir Tikunov

Chief Executive Officer

In the company since the very beginning. Co-author of the patents.

Valentin Foss

Chief Marketing Officer

In the company since 2006. Co-author of the patents

Anatoly Ferentsev

System Architect. Chief of Infrastructure Department

In the company since 2003. Co-author of the patents

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