Data center for Asian Pacific Bank, Blagoveshchensk


  • Number of racks – 6 standard and server Hi-end (4 racks).

  • System of uninterruptible power supply is based on the UPS APC Symmetra PX, 100kW scalable to 250kW and the N+1 level of redundancy.

  • Climate control system consists of the water chiller Stulz, air conditioners Stulz for raised-floor cooling for the nonstandard equipment and the in-row conditioners APC In-Row RC for the standard equipment with thermal containment of hot aisle (HACS). The level of redundancy is N+1.

  • The entire infrastructure (UPS, power distribution system, climate control etc.) is integrated into unified system of management and control.

  • System of guaranteed power supply for DC is based on the diesel generator MBH (Germany) with N+1 level of redundancy.


During further development of the data center the number of racks reached 14, total IT-load is 200kW.