MDC NOTA Quantum is a modular data center based on the prefabricated quick-mount sealed scalable modules.


Basic Features
  • Dimensions of one module, mm (L*W*H) – 6060*2440*2240;

  • Total space of data center – from 1 to several hundreds of modules;

  • One module includes from 4 to 8 standard-19” racks;

  • Maximum IT-load of one module – 120kW;

  • Isolated “cold aisle”;

  • The width of “cold aisle”, mm – 1200;

  • The width of “hot aisles”, mm – 1280 each;

  • Cooling system based on in-row chilled-water30 (60)kW air conditioners;

  • Cooling system redundancy level – N, N+1, 2N, 2(N+1);

  • Remote automated monitoring and control system

  • Deployment – inside existing buildings, inside MDC NOTA Zeppelin, separately.


  • Construction of commercial data centers;

  • Construction of large corporate modular data centers.


  • Low capital expenditures – from $20 000 per 7kW rack (including NOTA Quantum modules, racks, uninterruptible power supply, power distribution, guaranteed power supply, cooling, automatic fire suppression system, remote automated monitoring and control systems), all systems with N+1 redundancy level;

  • Possibility to construct the areas with different IT-load and various levels of reliability of engineering infrastructure (TIER I, II, III, IV);

  • Short period of production and deployment – from 12 weeks;

  • Possibility to construct a cluster of modular data centers from any number of modules with any IT-capacity;

  • Rapid scaling of space and IT-load.


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