Basic Features

  • Structural framework is a standard ISO 40’ insulated container.

  • No additional doors, hatches, and holes.

  • 3 sections divided by fire-safe partitions :

  • Section for the IT stacks.

  • Section for capacitor units.

  • Section for Diesel Gas Generator.

  • Hardware deployment system on the basis of Micro Data Center DataStone+

  • From 1 to 6 it racks 42 U.

  • Maximum It-load – 39 kW.

  • Closed-loop cooling system on basis of precision conditioners Clever Breeze with 45 kW capacity;

  • System of uninterruptible power supply with 72kW capacity.

  • Digital control of the air conditioning reducing the energy consumption and enhancing the system reliability.

  • Built-in access control system with integration to RS485 (Modbus RTU).

  • Remote control via TCP/IP, SNMP, RS485 (Modbus RTU)

  • Built-in systems :

  • Alert system.

  • Automatic fire suppression system (Novec 1230)

  • Access control system.

  • Heating system.

  • Structured cabling design system.

  • Automatic transfer switch and main power distribution board

  • Video system with 2 week data storage system.

  • Flexible Sealing System «ROXTEC»

  • Wide temperature range of launching and maintaining.

  • Not an object of capital construction.

  • Does not need foundation.

  • Period of deployment on place – 1-2 days.

  • Can be delivered by any transport like a usual ISO container.


  • Mobile data center for security forces and agencies.

  • Mobile back-up data center for government structurers.

  • Data center for quick lunch at some far and difficult areas for petrochemical firms

  • Fast deployed network or improving capacity at some special place for telecommunication company.

Transportable/Mobile Data Center DataStone+ mobile
Mobile data center made on the basis of standard ISO 40’ container, can be delivered completely assembled and deployed within 1-2 days.
Datastone+ mobile
Datastone+ mobile

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Datastone+ mobile
Datastone+ mobile

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Datastone+ mobile
Datastone+ mobile

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