Enought building capital Data Centers, it's time to go Modular !

Modular Data Center


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Why do you care ?

  • Special parntership prices;

  • We working only trought the partners;

  • Unqiue and outstanding product using the most promising tecnologies;

  • On the IT-market since 1989;

  • Leading Russian modular data center manufactor.

What do we provide ?

New opportynity to earn money and make client's IT-ifrastructure great again!


1) We provide an outstanding premium high quality product.

3) Product has a High margin.

4) Marketing, pre-sale, sale, and post-sale support.

5) Every our data center is ready for use out of the box. 

6) Comercal offer and all calculatuions with in one day.

7) We produce, launch, and maintaing our data-centers, so u don't need to bother looking for a third party organisation.

Few words about our goals and our company.

According to the result of multiple researches, modular data centers are one of the most perspective technology on the IT market.

Our company Utilex wants to propose to you the cooperation in creation of modular data center on basis of our unique products.

Utilex started it work in 1989 and by now on became leading Russian modular data center manufacturer. Our products are already widely represented by our partners in Eastern Europe and now on we really see South Asia as the most interesting market in the world. We want to offer you to be our partner.

Unlike most of the manufacturers, Utilex doesn’t sell direct to the clients, so we never compete with you over your customers, we are working only with our official partners. Because of that, we really interested in establishing and developing partnership with you company.

We really looking forward to hear back from you, fill up form below and we'll provide you more specified information about our products, prices, shiping and partnership conditions.

Or just check out our key products:

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Modular Micro Data Center

The line of micro data centers designed for deployment and support for fail-safe operational performance of computing and/or telecommunication systems, or any other standard-19”equipment. It is adapted for transportation by the all types of transport and for quick deployment, and does not require allocation and preparation of separate room. 


Modualar Data Center

Modular Data Center NOTA is an autonomous infrastructure of data center based on the patented quick-mount framework.  Prefabricated data center made of standardized units and materials can be transported in an ISO-container or by other type of transport. There is a choice between ready-made solutions, or it can be customized with any necessary characteristics. Time of mounting and launching starts from one week. 

Clever Breeze

Data center climate control system

Clever Breeze is the patented climate control system for data centers developed specially for extremly hot environment. There is up to 30 kW of heat removal with outside temperatures up to +45°C.

DataStone+ mobile

Containerized Transportable/Mobile Data Center

Mobile data center made on the basis of standard ISO 40’ container, can be delivered completely assembled and deployed within 1-2 days.

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