Modular Data Center NOTA Zeppelin is an autonomous infrastructure of data center based on a quick-mount frame module. It is a prefabricated data center from universal units and materials which is being mounted and launched right on the site.


Basic Features
  • Total square of a module – from 150 to 1500sq.m

  • From to 20 to 400 racks (from 600*1070mm to 800*1200mm and 48U) with equipment in a module

  • Possibility to build up clusters of modular data centers from any number of modules and with any capacity

  • IT-load on a rack – from 5 to 40kW each

  • Any level of redundancy and TIER and possibility to change them in future

  • Comprised of standard components which are shipped in an ISO-container

  • Not an object of capital construction

  • Wide temperature range of launching and maintaining


  • Construction of distributed networks of data centers

  • Construction of large modular data centers

  • Implementation of private cloud

  • Basis for leasing of private infrastructure


Comparing with traditional brick-and-mortar data centers:
  • Reducing CAPEX due to the lack of expenses for extended architectural designing stage; lower cost of engineering infrastructure design because of typical systems and components

  • Economy of time and resources because of no need in aggregation of permits and agreements with state authorities

  • Opportunity to incrementally build infrastructure along with business development

  • Significant reduction of time for planning and implementing