Utilex. Achievements and Milestones. Beginning in 1989

We started in 1989 as providers of computing, peripheral, network hardware and software. We have been reselling and producing our own computers, memory modules SIM and SIP. We were giving the warranty on our products for 2 years.


In 1991 we signed an agreement with Hewlett-Packard (printers and plotters).

In 1992 – with APC.

In 1994 – first and exclusive for that time in Russia service agreement with Hewlett-Packard.


Since mid of 90s we have taken the strategy of the extension the range of our services. At first we increased our competencies in network infrastructure. Later on we proceeded with complex supplying and system integration.


In the beginning of 2000s we developed into the large system integrator maintaining projects all over Russia and beyond its borders. Utilex was consistently introduced into the rankings of the Russian largest IT-companies, including the field of datacenter construction and development of IT infrastructure.


In 2007 we decided to scale the business, and in 2008 we started to produce and offer to the market own products. The first such product was the complex system which enhances the effectiveness of development of large companies.

In 2009 we started to promote the design of the product to the market. In the same year there was R&D started to develop a micro data center.


In 2010 regarding the results of promotion and analyzing business environment we decided to cut down all the integration services.


In 2011 we received the first patent on our invention and decided to focus on development and production of infrastructure products. There was the launching of the line DataStone and there was first project to construct a micro data center. At the same time we ran two internal projects: repositioning on the market as hardware producers and formation of partners` network.


2012 – Launching NOTA, DataStone+ lines, signing first partnerships` agreements

2013 – Introducing SunFlower, DataStone mini, NOTA Mobile, NOTA Zeppelin, Clever Breeze

2013 – Offering a new service – conceptual design of data center on the stage of planning

2013 – Bringing to the market services of data center construction management

2014 – Updating DataStone+ line of products

2014 – Obtaining the patent on structural frame of modular data center NOTA

2014 – Registration of trademarks of DataStone, NOTA, CleverBreeze


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