Distributed data center on the basis of modular data centers NOTA for Polyus-Gold Group, Natalka mines, Magadan


Within the project there were launched two quick-mounted modular data centers, 2,5 km from each other.

The solution includes:

  • autonomous quick-mounted infrastructure of data center NOTA (total square - 18,9 sq.m. and 12,6 sq.m.);

  • system of equipment deployment - racks  APC Netshelter (5 and 3 respectively);

  • system of uninterruptible power supply based on UPS APC Symmetra PX (64kW of capacity scalable up to 96kW, and 32 kW. The level of redundancy is N+1;

  • cooling system based on two air conditioners Clever Breeze, (42kw and 28kW) with the N+1 level of redundancy;

  • system of guaranteed power supply for datac enter based on diesel generator Caterpillar Olympian GEP (70,4kW and 52kW) 

  • system of monitoring and control on the basis of ISX Central and controllers Clever Breeze.


In the nearest future Polyus-Gold Group is going to construct FOLC between two mobile data  centers and virtualize IT resources and services.