Secondary data center for Siberian branch of Megafon, Novosibirsk


It is the largest datacenter beyond of Urals.

  • Total square – 2000m², two machine rooms

  • Total capacity – 1,6 MW. Currently it is being expanded to 2,4MW.

  • Number of racks – up to 120 for IT-loading and to 160 in the technical department room.

  • System of uninterruptible power supply is based on two APC Symmetra MW , 800kW. The level of redundancy is 2N+1. UPS are mounted in separate rooms with the autonomous fire suppression system.

  • Energy transmission from UPS to distribution system is performed via the track by Schneider Electric.

  • Cooling system consists of the water chiller FAST with the application of in-row cooling (air conditioners InRow (APC by Schneider Electric) with horizontal air distribution in the white space and the raised-floor cooling in the technical department room. The level of redundancy of cold supply tracks is 2N along with cooling equipment redundancy N+1. There is the system of thermal containment Rack Air Container System (RACS) with high level of heat transfer.

  • System of guaranteed power supply for DC is based on three diesel generators FG Wilson in separate climate containers. The level of redundancy is N+1.

  • The entire infrastructure (UPS, power distribution system, climate control etc.) is integrated into the unified system of management and control on the basis of ISX Central.

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