What is modular data center? What is mobile data center?

It has happened that terms MODULAR and MOBILE data centers have got the same abbreviation (MDC) and often they are applied to the same objects and products.


Let`s sort it out.


The term MODULAR appeared as a mean of SCALABILITY. First of all it is applied to the type of STRUCTURAL FRAME DESIGN of data center because all main systems of data center, such as cooling, chillers, UPS, diesel generator , initially have got a modular design on purpose of required readiness and flexibility of scalability. Thus, depending on necessary scale of future extension type of structural frame of MODULAR data center could be absolutely different, from one-ten to thousands of racks.


Here is the example. Compass Datacenters take simply new building of data center with all systems as a scaling increment. Just recently they called this type of design modular. After spending much time and money for right positioning of their services, they have finally given up and started to call their design Dedicated Data Centers.

Unfortunately, the current confusion with terms interferes the positioning of our products. 

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