Modular Data Center NOTA is an autonomous infrastructure of data center based on the patented quick-mount framework.  Prefabricated data center made of standardized units and materials can be transported in an ISO-container or by other type of transport. There is a choice between ready-made solutions, or it can be customized with any necessary characteristics. Time of mounting and launching starts from one week. 
Ready-made configurations


Or, you choose



Basic Features
  • Total space of one module – from 6,2 sq.m to 124,74 sq.m

  • In one module – from 2 to 50 racks (from 600mm*1070mm to 800mm*1200mm and height up to 48U)

  • Several ways of scalability by square due to the use of the patented mounting plate (Utility model patent №1386777)

  • Possibility to construct a cluster of modular datacenters from any number of modules with any capacity

  • Constructed of standard components which can be transported in an ISO-container and mounted without any lifting mechanisms;

  •  Possibility to provide necessary IT load per rack (from 5 to 40kW)

  • Possibility to provide any level of reliability of engineering infrastructure (TIER I,II,III, IV) and change these parameters in future

  • No need in foundation/groundwork

  • Not an object of capital construction

  • Wide temperature range of mounting and launching


  • Creation of distributed networks of data centers

  • Construction of big modular facilities

  • Development of “private cloud”

  • Deployment of temporary IT-infrastructure

  • Basis for leasing a private infrastructure



Comparing with traditional brick-and-mortar data centers:

  • Reduced CAPEX due to the lack of expenses for extended architectural designing stage; lower cost of engineering infrastructure design because of typical systems and components

  • Economy of time and resources because of no need in aggregation of permits and agreements with state authorities

  • Opportunity to incrementally build infrastructure along with business development

  • Release of extra space for other purposes

  • Reducing power expenses thru effective cooling

  • Possibility of construction dismantling and its repeated construction at a new site


Comparing with containerized data centers:

  • Cheaper than containerized data centers, significantly lower costs for transportation

  • No need in foundation

  • Possibility to implement any number of equipment of any load and with any level of reliability

  • Flexible scalability (by racks, not by containers)

  • Reduced power expenses due to effective cooling

  • Service room inside the data center meets the requirements of “The Rules of Operation of Power plant”

  • Enhanced tightness of modular datacenter due to the absence of additional service holes