NOTA 20x12kW


Basic Features


  • Structural framework with inner dimensions 5,4*12,6*3m, including raised floor, fire suppression system (Novec 1230), access control, air curtain, illumination, inner partition for an airlock, ramp.

  • System of equipment deployment – 20 racks with maximum IT-load 12kW each. Racks are mounted in two rows forming a hot aisle between them.

  • System of cooling based on in-row air conditioners Clever Breeze with 270kW capacity and the N+1 level of redundancy. It also contains built-in ultrasonic humidity system. To provide uninterruptible performance, cooling conditioners, and humidity system are supplied by UPS.

  • System of uninterruptible power supply with 300kW capacity and N+1 level of redundancy. Time of autonomous work with engineering equipment (conditioner, illumination, access control etc.) is 14 minutes.

  • System of power input and distribution with the monitoring of current power consumption with 2N of redundancy (in each rack there are two rack-PDU connected to UPS via own automatic switches).

  • System of remote control and management


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