Do your requirements for the IT-infrastructure differ from standard? Modular data center NOTA is a simple and convenient solution of your problem.


The space of structural framework of modular data center NOTA is scalable through the supplementation of the desired number of self-supporting panels (2,1*3m or 2,1*5m). Thereby, you can get a data center customized according to your unique needs.


You choose any number of racks for equipment , any size of equipment, any load, any availability of engineering systems:

  • Square of a module – from 6,2 to 124,74 sq.m

  • From to 2 to 50 racks with equipment in a module

  • Any size of racks and other equipment

  • IT-load on a rack – from 5 to 40kW each

  • Any level of redundancy and TIER

  • Possibility to use your existing equipment (racks, UPS)


You can get an individual design of your data center architecture in 3 days! Just send us the request to


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