Modular Data Center NOTA Mobile is an autonomous infrastructure of data center based on a fortified quick-mount frame module. Due to additional stiffeners it can be transported in an assembled form on a low loader.


Basic Features
  • Structural frame/enclosing structure with inner dimensions , 3*6,3*3 m, including raised floor, fire suppression system, access control , air curtain, illumination, inner partition for an airlock, ramp

  • System of equipment deployment – 5 racks with maximum IT-load 4kW each

  • System of uninterruptible power supply with 64kW capacity (scalable up to 96 kW) and the N+1 level of redundancy. Time of autonomous work with maximum IT-load including engineering equipment (conditioner, illumination, access control etc.) is 18 minutes

  • System of power input and distribution with the monitoring of current power consumption with 2N level of redundancy.

  • System of air conditioning Clever Breeze with 42 kW capacity and the N+1 level of redundancy. To provide uninterruptible cooling conditioning also is supplied by UPS. It is installed under the raised floor , outdoor units are on the front wall of the module

    Technical Characteristics of Cooling System

    • Built-in humidity control system

    • Operational  temperatures are from -55°C to +50°C

    • Temperature of the cold aisle is +22°C (±2°C)

  • The average annual PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) coefficient is 1,37

  • System of remote control and management