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Primary data center for Megafon, Siberian branch, Novosibirsk



  • Number of racks – 80.

  • System of uninterruptible power supply is based on the APC InfraStruXure, type B. Initially there were two UPSs Symmetra PX, 80kW with 2N+1 level of redundancy for IT-loading and there were three UPSs APC Silicon for technological equipment and working places. Later on, the capacity of UPS for IT equipment was increased to 160kW with the same 2N+1 redundancy level.

  • Climate control system includes the raised-floor cooling system based on the air conditioners UNIFLAIR with the use of air distribution modules APC Rack Air Distribution Unit and APC Air Removal Unit for high-loaded racks. The level of redundancy is N+1.

  • The entire infrastructure (UPS, power distribution system, climate control etc.) is integrated into the unified system of management and control.