Free service by Utilex – conceptual design of modular data center in a week

Conceptual design of modular data center is being developed accordingly individual needs of a client and includes the development of architecture and design of a solution, estimations of costs and implementation period. Any interested company which answers the question of the specialized questionnaire will receive individual conceptual design of data center in a week.

Utilex`s experience demonstrates that such services is demanded not only by clients who start a project of data center construction or plan a data center in the future, but also by those who have already had terms of references and/or project documentation because it gives an opportunity quickly and free compare costs and implementation period.

Valentin Foss, Chief Marketing officer: "We have laucnhed such service in order to demonstrate to the Russian companies how an individual design is important in data center construction. Every project is unique becaise it arises from specific objectives of particular client. We are sure that modular design is effective but only in cases when architecture of data center is based on client`s needs, not on stereotyped solutions.

You can get the questionnaire and ask any questions just sending a request to

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