Utilex has registered the trade mark of modular data center NOTA

The Federal Institute of Industrial property has issued the certificate #515668 confirming the registration of the trade mark NOTA. Developed by Utilex solution is an autonomous pre-fabricated infrastructure of data center based on the patented quick-mounted frame module.

Modular data center NOTA (Data center from container) is easily scalable quick-mounted frame construction which includes the entire engineering infrastructure of data center. All components of the solution are transported in a standard ISO-container. Modular data center NOTA is not an object of capital construction, it doesn`t require a foundation, it is easy for deployment which allows providing mounting and launching a data center for the shortest period and reducing expenses for its development and maintenance.

Valentin Foss, Chief Marketing officer: Modular data center NOTA is one of the Utilex products which we are really proud of. It is simple, clear and actual for modern market solution. We see that the need in such quick-mounted, easy-scalable and at the same time redundant product is experienced by many companies. And they are sincerely glad that our solution which is produced henceforth under the own trade mark meets requirements and expectations of Russian customers, and it is in deserved demand.

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