Utilex has registered the trade mark of micro data center DataStone

The line of micro data centers DataStone, developed by Utilex, has received the official certificate confirming the registration of the trade mark. Micro data center DataStone allows developing private infrastructure with high preparedness even in not accommodated for it rooms (rental space, office rooms).

DataStone is the line of micro data centers (“Data Center in Corridor”) which is designed for deployment and provision of required preparedness of computing, telecommunication equipment, storage systems or any other active or passive hardware in 19” standard.

Micro data centers can be quick-mounted without preparation of separate room. It can be transported by any vehicle. In the solution there is used the patented by Utilex system of conditioning and distribution of air flow Clever Breeze for data center (Patent #2432447 from 27/08/2010).

Valentin Foss, Chief Marketing officer: "DataStone is one of the most demanded products of the company. While designing the DataStone products, we took into account the following requirements and expectations of Russian clients: simplicity of implementation and maintenance of data center, density of a final solution, its capacity and resiliency, also we paid an extra attention to removal of heat generated by equipment. It allows deploying DataStone in any unequipped rooms and in regions with the most rigorous climates. As a result we offer the products which can satisfy need of many companies in Russian, and other countries as well."

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