Utilex has registered the trade mark of cooling system Clever Breeze

The next product of Utilex, climate control system Clever Breeze, has been successfully registered as a trade mark. Clever Breeze is developed specially for Russian climate conditions, the capacity of heat removal can reach 30kW per rack with temperatures up to -55°C.

Climate control system for data centers Clever Breeze allows developing or improving the cooling system of server room, providing redundancy or removing the zone of local overheating with minimal expenses.

Valentin Foss, Chief Marketing officer: “Utilex is one of the few companies in Russia which develop and produce own infrastructural products focusing on current needs of the market. The line of cooling solutions Clever Breeze allows quickly and effectively constructing and scaling of data centers without additional capital costs and remodeling of the facility. The system is developed given the specific requirements of Russian climate and designed to work uninterruptedly in any environment with temperatures from -55°C to +50°C.”

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