Utilex introduces mobile containerized data center DataStone+ mobile

Utilex Russian data center developer launched the new product – Micro data center DataStone+ mobile. It can be transported in assembled condition and be deployed and launched within 1 or 2 days.

Using our New Utilex design, customers can create main or reserve data center very quickly, and it can be deployed at very far places. Data center DataStone+ can be used as:

  • Mobile data center for security forces and agencies, can be transported from place to place very efficiently;

  • Data center for quick lunch at some far and difficult areas for petrochemical firms;

  • Mobile back-up data center for government structurers;

  • As a basis for fast deployed network or improving capacity module for telecommunication company;

  • For mass event organization.

Structural framework of DataStone+ mobile is a standard ISO 40’ thermal insulated container. Cable sealing system placed inside the container. DataStone+ mobile construction are ready for transportation any moment. It has no additional doors, hatches, and holes, and basically has no difference with ISO-container. Because of that, DataStone+ mobile can be easy transported as a standard ISO container avoiding additional expenses.

Usually «containerized» or pre-fabricated data center isn’t allowed for transportation on container ships (Except bulk carriers), but DataStone+ mobile is. Any type of transport such as trains, ships and trucks can transport it. This makes all over the world delivery simple and economical.

Places for the equipment (IT racks, conditioners, etc.) inside the container are made with using vibration insulation materials and constructions. This allows moving whole data center engineering infrastructure mounted, and lunching operatively within 1-2 days.

Gateway entrance to the container is not required because of using DataStone+ hardware deployment system instead of standard racks. It saves extra squares for the additional racks at the same time.

Mobile data center equipped with:

  • Alert system.

  • Automatic fire suppression system (Novec 1230)

  • Access control system.

  • Heating system.

  • Structured cabling design system.

  • Automatic transfer switch and main power distribution board

  • Video system with 2-week data storage system.

  • Flexible sealing system «ROXTEC»

Cooling system is based on in-row precision conditioners Clever Breeze manufactured by Utilex. Patented cooling system with only condenser outside gives an opportunity to use it in a wide outside temperature range.

Technical Characteristics of Cooling System:

  • Temperature of the cold aisle is +22°C (±2°C);

  • Operational temperatures are from -55°C to +50°C;

  • Built-in humidity control system

System of uninterruptable power supply are placed in the cabinets with IT-equipment. Maximum capacity – 72 kW. Redundancy level – from N to 2N+1.

Built-in systems of access control, remote control and monitoring based on Clever Breeze controllers, UPS network cards and environment sensors. It controls:

  • Temperature in hot and cold aisle;

  • Analyzes cooling capacity and status;

  • Monitors uninterruptable power sources status and level of humidity in the data center;

  • Access control system functions;

  • Tracks and record history;

  • Provides rear security camera image in any format through web-interface;

  • Makes SMS and e-mail notifications if an incident happens.

Valentin Foss, Utilex sales and marketing director: «Using micro data center DataStone+ as a hardware deployment system for ISO 40’ container allows to decrease standard lack of service space for containerized solutions. Splitting up system on tree hermetic modules led to additional data center’s vibration insulation. This solution are definitely demanded for solving operational tasks. However, if mobility isn't the key factor, we are still recommending to use pre-fabricated modular Data centers, data center NOTA for the example».

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