Utilex introduced NOTA Quantum – the new design for commercial and large corporate data centers.

Utilex - Russian modular data center developer and infrastructure solution provider announced launch of Modular data center NOTA Quantum. New solution developed especially for deploying commercial and large corporate data centers. Modular data center NOTA Quantum has small creation time (from 12 weeks) and easy to scale and adjust according to customer’s request.

When company wants to build up big data center (for commercial or corporate usage), very often place for it is chosen from already existing buildings. These buildings usually aren’t adapted for that at all. Investments of time and money for their reconstruction is ridiculous. Demolishing that place and build a new one for data center is much faster and cheaper.

With Utilex modular data center NOTA Quantum, this task can be solved efficiently without expenses on building’s reconstruction or demolition. Solution allows to build up modular data center inside any place using prefabricated hermetic modules. Modular data center NOTA Quantum can also be deployed outside as well as inside of structural framework NOTA Zeppelin.

NOTA Quantum is a set of prefabricated quick-mount, sealed, scalable modules with dimensions of standard 20’ ISO container.

One module contains from 6 to 8 racks in 19” standard. One of the most important difference from ISO container solution – racks are placed not along the longer side of the module, but across it in two rows. This feature eliminates the lack of service space in a cold/hot aisle. Thermal insulation of cold aisle allows to improve cooling efficiency and decreases data center energy consumption.

Maximum IT equipment capacity in one module: from 60kW (2N cooling system redundancy) to 120 kW (level of cooling redundancy - N).

Cooling system is based on in-row chilled water precision conditioners Clever Breeze with 30kW or 60kW cooling capacity. Conditioners could be integrated with chillers made by any manufacturer.

Very important option of this solution is it’s flexibility and scalability. Modules can be connected to each over side to side, like universal constructor. Because of that any size cluster can be made for customer request.

Example of this data center you can see on the picture, constructed out of 8 modules (2 modules wise and 4 length). Two front modules used as main gateway.

NOTA Quantum benefits:

  • Low capital expenditures – from $20 000 per 7kW rack (including NOTA Quantum modules, racks, uninterruptible power supply, power distribution, guaranteed power supply, cooling, automatic fire suppression system, remote automated monitoring and control systems), all systems with N+1 redundancy level;.

  • Short period of production and deployment (from 12 weeks)

  • Possibility to construct a cluster of modular data centers from any number of modules with any IT-capacity).

We understand how hard is to build big commercial or corporate data center, and Utilex offers not only hardware supply’s and assembly but support on any stage of the project, including developing concept, business-plan, implementation, exploitation, and further data center expansion.

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