Utilex adapted Sunflower autonomous energy system to provide high performance under extreme desert c

Utilex – Russian modular data center developer and infrastructure solution provider – upgraded and modernized it’s autonomous energy complex Sunflower. Now solution is available to show high performance under extreme desert conditions. It can stand dust storms and extreme temperatures up to 80°C.

Sunflower autonomous energy complex was made for providing electric power capacity for objects at far places, where connection to general electricity network is unavailable. Basic Sunflower model developed for usage in Russian conditions, since one of the most important requirement for Sunflower was availability to work the best at very north Russian points, in extreme low temperatures.

However, our new Customer’s request placed the task of developing system with very high heat resistance, proving outstanding performance in extreme hot environment of the Middle East.

Filling up customer request, Utilex engineers implemented couple of new solutions in Sunflower energy system:

New solar panels available to function efficiently in temperature up to the level of 80°C. Solar panel cleaning system provides strong protection against dust and sand, and panel can show impressive performance no matter what weather around it.

System also has Ni-Cad batteries. They work in wide temperature range and sill charge even if changing power changes, it depends from the sun power. (Difference with lead batteries).

Solution is packed in a certified and thermal insulated 20’ ISO container, can be transported by any transport. All equipment (deployment hardware system, solar panels, frame for panels, chargeable batteries, charging stations, controllers and etc.) in transportable condition can fit in container.

In operational condition, container is separated by a partition with the door in two zones: zone for the equipment and battery zone. Container entrance is in the equipment zone. Air curtain positioned above the entrance can protect equipment from sand and dust, while door opens.

Container is thermal insulated, irrespective of thermal changes (day and night) and covered with metal plates inside for fire protection and cleaning purposes.

System of power generation made of solar panels. Panels mounted on the special metal frame outside (on top of container or near it).

Electricity energy storage system built on the base of Ni-Cad batteries.

Equipment is supplied by solar panels power convertor directly at sunny days and powered by the batteries at the days without.

Solution provides independent ventilation systems for different zones. In order to exclude overheating, every section equipped with its own conditioner. Conditioner performance based on Peltier effect.

Valentin Foss, Utilex sales and marketing director: «Satisfying specific customers infrastructure needs is one of the main target area for our company. It was a pleasure to work on this project. Utilex engineers developed economic and efficient system, now it can be used for gas and oil pipelines on Main East as well as at hot areas all over the world».

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