Utilex patented modular micro data center DataStone+

Utilex – Russian modular data center developer and infrastructure solution provider – announced about receiving new patent for conditioner system and air flow distribution system in server cabinets, mainly used in modular micro data centers Datastone+ .

Modular micro data center DataStone+ is complex of engineering infrastructure, designed to meet the requirements of high-level fault-tolerance for IT and telecommunication systems. Modular data center DataStone+ doesn’t need special room or place, can be assembled in one system from pieces and parts, adapted for delivery by any transport, designed for quick deployment.

Modular data center DataStone+ infrastructure is autonomous complex of sub-systems. It provides following functions:

• Microclimate control;

• Uninterrupted power supply;

• Power input and distribution system;

• Firefighting system;

• Sub-system monitoring.

As shown in the patent, a possibility to include in data center one or few hermetic modules gives a very important characteristic of Modular MDC DataStone+ - it’s flexible scalability. This is what makes DataStone+ different from another vendor’s solutions and give it a significant competitive advantage.

Modular MDC DataStone+ contain one/few cabinets and built-in conditioner system with sizes 400(600)mm*1200mm*42U(48U).

Modular MDC DataStone+ can include from 1 up to 20 racks (42(48)U), from 42 up to 960U for IT-equipment, up to 30kW of IT-load for one rack. This causes creation of «cold aisle» in front cabinet part and «hot aisle» in the back part.

As a result, client can choose needed configuration for current time and still have potential for flexible and ergonomic data center expansion in future.

Another DataStone+ difference is ultrasonic humidity system equipped with water purification filter and UV light transmitter, which gives to the model important advantage: using ultrasonic humidifier allows us substantially decrease power needs for humidity sub-system, compare with classic steam humidifier.

Water usage can be reduced as well, because of recycling it through two steps purification system (UV –light + water filter).

Valentin Foss, Utilex sales and marketing director: «Technical characteristics, superior features and benefits of modular MDC DataStone+ were commended for the success by our customers and partners. For Utilex is very important to react on current market requests and changes in time, because of that we keep improving our modular data centers, developing and launching new products».

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