Utilex launched UPS production for modular data centers under its own brand name.

Russian modular data center developer and manufacturer are happy to announce launch of own USP production line. From now on, we are supplying all our products (NOTA, DataStone+) with our own made UPS systems. That allows us to expand our product line, reduce cost of solutions and decrease production time.

Utilex signed OEM-agreement with the leading Chinese electricity system vendor. This agreement allows us to create our own UPS systems with Utilex logo for our own produced modular data centers.

Among our new UPS solutions:

  • Mounted in rack modular UPS systems with capacity up to 40kVA (for Modular micro-DC DataStone+)

  • Modular UPS systems with capacity up to 600kVA (for modular data centers NOTA)

As a result of using our own UPS systems, our clients and partners from now on can:

  1. Buy Modular data centers NOTA and DataStone + for even lower price than before.

  2. Decrease manufacturing time.

  3. Choose solution with power capacity ideally fitting their unique requests, and remain open for quick and ergonomic future expansion.

  4. Be able to have unify general service from one professional source.

In the nearest future, companies are going to train and certify Utilex engineers to be able to mount, lunch, and maintain UPS systems.

Valentin Foss, Utilex sales and marketing director: «Our strategy is becoming manufacturer for all data center engineering systems. We already fully produce structural framework, hardware deployment system, precision conditioner system, system of control and monitoring. Including USP system in or product line was planned step long time ago. On this step we considered full manufacturing cycle are not very economic viable, so we had negotiation with several Asian manufacturers and we reached the agreement with the one whose solutions are mostly filled our current demands».

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