Russian modular Data Centers produced by Utilex are now available for customers in Southeast Asia.

modular data center partner cambodia

Russian IT-products – modular data center NOTA, micro data center DataStone and system of data center climate control Clever Breeze made by Utilex are now available on Southeast Asia market. Biplan Global (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) became our partner and an official supplier.

Companies are performing collective work in promotion, supplying and maintaining modular data centers and infrastructure solutions, developed and patented by Utilex.

Due to the partner relations with Utilex, Biplan Global included in it’s product package three product lines for efficient IT-infrastructure creation:

  • Modular micro data center DataStone® («DC in a corridor») – an autonomous fail-tolerant complex: customers can create private IT-infrastructure with highest level of availability in any place (leased area, offices, etc.)

  • Modular data center NOTA® («Data Center from ISO container») – an infrastructure including structural framework and all other data center subsystems. Construction is based on quick-mounted structural modules and can be evaluated as a non-capital building. It doesn’t need foundation or groundworks and allows clients highly decrease deployment time. Can be transported in an ISO-container or by other type of transport.

  • Clever Breeze® - system of data center climate control, developed especially for tough conditions. Provide up to 30 kW heat dissipation from a rack in outer temperature range from -55oC to +55oC. This product line includes chillers, conditioners with cooling capacity from 5 kW to 50 kW and can be based on Freon or Chilled water.

Biplan Global gets exclusive rights for supply and maintains NOTA®, DataStone®, Clever Breeze® solutions in Cambodia and guarantee fully technical support on any phase of data center infrastructure creation and modernization.

Valentin Foss, Utilex chief marketing and sales officer:

«Product launch on the Southeast Asia market right after partnership agreement with South America supplier - is an important but along with it predictable step for Utilex. Companies all around the globe are seeing future in the modular and micro data centers technologies and that mean demand and actuality of our product would only grow».

Information about company’s:

Biplan Global (– Supplier of complex IT solutions, systems, and services.

Company solutions and services are based on research, technical and operational support, integration and implementation services, focused on high quality, timely delivery and cost-effective approach along with exact fit with customer`s needs.

Utilex Company ( – Leading modular data center vendor and developer in scales from 1 up to 10000 racks. Core line of action: Modular Data Centers, consulting in data center design and architecture, R&D.

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