Micro data center DataStone with liquid cooling

Utilex has launched manufacturing of new micro data center as a part of DataStone product line. In this solution, we’ve included our own invented precision in-rack conditioners and compact chillers Clever Breeze.

Our new micro data center DataStone with liquid cooling system are made for ensuring height redundancy level for small IT-infrastructures (up to 4 kW) In a first place this this would be interesting for offices and for geographically-distributed company branches (banks, retail, government structures and etc.)

Micro-DC DataStone – is a complex of engineering infrastructure designed for deployment and ensuring fail-safe operational performance of computing and/or telecommunication systems, or any other standard-19”equipment.

It is adapted for transportation by the all types of transport and for a quick deployment, it does not require allocation and preparation of separate room.

Micro-DC looks like rack cabinet 42(48)U with mounted inside precisions conditioners and other engineering systems (UPS, PDU, automatic firefighting system).

New Utilex product has all benefits of DataStone line: protection IP65, fully looped precision cooling and humidity control cycle, system of soundproofing, modularity, and system of remote access and monitoring.

New unique energy-efficient liquid cooling system is equipped with free cooling. This gives to solution additional advantages:

  1. Usage of a conditioner on a chilled water provides work in free-cooling mode. This not only reduces energy consumption (maximum conditioner energy consumption in free cooling mode is only 700 W with cooling system capacity 4 kW), but significantly increases cooling system life time.

  2. Liquid cooling system type allows to increase the distance between chiller and place of a data center deployment. This gives customer a flexibility in choosing place for Micro-DC. This may be very important and demanded for customers with offices in business centers and other buildings, which have restrictions for internal conditioner module installation.

  3. Provides conditioner system redundancy level 2N and occupies only 8U in a rack.

And it’s available for purchase now!

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