Autonomous power supply system Sunflower is designed to provide fully independent operation of computing and telecommunication equipment with different capacity for the period of 6 months in difficult to access regions without connection to the electric grid.

Автономный энергетический комплекс в развернутом виде.


2 kW мачта 15 метров


Автономный энергетический комплекс в развернутом виде.

  • Geographically remote communication facilities

  • Cell towers


Basic Features
  • Wind power generators (2, 4, 6, 8, 15 kW) including wind turbines and masts of 6-15 m

  • Solar power complex including batteries (2, 4, 6, 8, 16 kW, or in total 250 W) and system of deployment

  • One or more energy modules disposed in standard 10-ft ISO containers which are insulated and hermetic. Each module is comprised of:

    • system of equipment deployment including 19’’ standard;

    • climate control including precision air conditioning with capacity up to 15kW;

    • system of remote control and management and own server

    • system of power storage

    • system of power generation of required voltage – 12, 24, 48V of DC and 220V of AC

    • fire suppression system

    • access control system

  • Generating module on a liquid fuel deployed in standard 10-ft ISO container includes:

    • system of storage, pumping and filtration of diesel fuel;

    • diesel generator with control system;

    • fire suppression system;

    • monitoring subsystem integrated into general one.


The structure of the complex and its technical characteristics are determined by the requirements of power generation and the climate conditions on the site.