• Providing day-and-night uninterrupted power supply of advertising constructions which have temporal limitations in power supply (e.g. for objects connected to public lightning)


What does Sunflower gives you?
  • Your advertising constructions are guaranteed to work in 24*7*365.


System includes
  • External thermostated enclosure with overall dimensios 500*500*300mm and IP65 protection rate

  • Battery voltage of 12 V and capacity of 65 A/h. The service life is no less than 12 years and no less 260 cycles of chargу-discharge with 100% chraged

  • Automatic system of charging providing 10A of the charging current

  • Inverter to provide alternating voltage of 220 V. Or DC/DC converter to the required direct voltage


 Technical Characteristics

Nominal Input Voltage                220V

Nominal Output Voltage             220V

Battery Capacity                           60 A/h

Time of autonomous work         22 h

Nominal invertor capacity          150W

Operational temperatures         -40…+45°C

Thermostatic cabinet


level of security                             IP65 


Built-in protection
  • Excess of input voltage

  • Short circuit on the output

  • Protections against overheating

  • Protection against fully discharge

System of uninterruptable power supply Sunflower UPS is designed to provide uninterruptable operation of any outdoor advertising constructions: prizmatron (dynamic billboard), scrolling boards, columns etc.