Basic Features
  • Industry standard – 19”

  • Height – 24U

  • Ingress Protection rating – IP54

  • Soundproofing – 30 dBA

  • Cooling system based on built-in fans with dustproof filters

  • Up to 3kW of IT-load for one cabinet

  • Possibility to install remote control via TCP/IP, SNMP, RS485 (Modbus RTU)


  • An alternative to server rooms

  • Infrastructure of private cloud


  • Saved CAPEX

  • Short period of production and installation

  • High resiliency

  • Possibility to move it within a room

  • Possibility of repeated usage

  • Remote control

Super Micro Data Center DataStone mini
Deployment and preparedness of any IT equipment in a standard 24U with the overall capacity up to 3kW.