District data centers on the basis of micro data centers Datastone in 8 regions of Sakha (Yakutia) Republic


The project is the part of the state program "Development of Information society in Sakha (Yakutia) Republic".

Within the project there were 8 micro data centers DataStone launched:

  • system of equipment deployment – proof enclosure 48U

  • system of uninterruptible power supply based on the UPS APC Symmetra LX with capacity 6,4kW. The level of redundancy is N+1;

  • cooling system based on two air conditioners Clever Breeze, 5kW each. The level of redundancy is 2N;

  • moisturizing system;

  • automatic fire suppression system;

  • system of remote monitoring and access control.

Micro data centers were mounted and launched in the following district centers: Berdigestyakh, Borogontsy, Verkhnevilyuisk, Vilyuisk, Nijnyi Bestyakh, Neryungri, Pokrovsk, Churapcha.